Today marks the release of my second EP, “The Mountain.” It’s been years in the making—“Wa Way Oh” dates back all the way to 2014, “Yuumei” to 2016. Started sending out demos in May and now it’s almost December and it’s finally out. You can find it on all the usual platforms. Brb, gotta get started on the next one. Shout out to the good people at @finestego & @mooncircle for the support. Thanks to @elisesydora_art for the cover art, couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.

“The Mist […] took me back to adventuring in nature as a kid and acted as a lovely soundtrack to memories I didn't realize I still had.” -GIANT ANGRY ROBOT

“Yuumei […] is a good one for a lounge DJ Mix while being a good fit for an introspective and meditative time with a headphone. The Mountain is highly recommendable for fans of downtempo electronic music.” -Synths of Eden

“[…] something fans of Bonobo and Four Tet could find themselves captivated by. There’s no shortage of intricate and extraordinary moments moments in both this song [The Mountain] and the rest of the ep.” -Rural Sounds

01 Salvatore Córdova - A Place Like That
02 Salvatore Córdova - The Mountain
03 Salvatore Córdova - Yuumei
04 Salvatore Córdova - Wa Way Oh
05 Salvatore Córdova - The Mist
06 Salvatore Córdova - Wa Way Oh - KRTS Remix



"Salvatore Córdova’s truly masterful instrumentation mixes traditional guitar riffs, keys and percussion with deep electronic beats and danceable rhythms. If you like Bonobo, Four Tet, The Cinematic Orchestra, the delicate sounds of Telefon Tel Aviv or the energy and melody of Tycho or Bibio then you’re in for a treat." -Cut Records

"Sal beautifully blends acoustic guitar and other organic instrumentation with sweeping beats and electronics." -The Deli Magazine

01 Salvatore Córdova - Soapstone
02 Salvatore Córdova - Birdseed
03 Salvatore Córdova - Rhyolite
04 Salvatore Córdova - Hologram
05 Salvatore Córdova - Wolf Lichen
06 Salvatore Córdova - Rainstick

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Interview with Salvatore Córdova

“Birdseed” Music Video




"Two Fields" is a sonic journey that gradually blooms from a simple piano ostinato. Increasing layers of complexity create a textured environment for the listener to experience. Detailed and intricate sound design rewards active listening. "Two Fields" is Salvatore Córdova's solo contribution to the Soho House Chicago's mixtape.

I’m a big fan of some good chillout music, and on that note Chicago-based producer Salvatore Cordova managed to hit the nail right on the head.” -Indie Shuffle

“ There’s something ripplingly pastoral about this […] A beautiful bit of electronica / folktronica as the synths weld everything together in a satisfyingly cinematic ambient whole.” -Acid Ted

"[...] one of the most beautiful electronic instrumentals I've stumbled [on] in a while." -Stereofox

"[…] a smooth and laid-back cut." -Mystic Sons

"Sit back and kick it — this #downtempo track from Chicago's Salvatore Córdova is the #chill sound you're looking for" -Blisspop

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Silly video feat. Two Fields