Moss Terrarium

This weekend I did a little arts and crafts project. I've wanted to put together a moss terrarium for a while now and I finally got around to doing it. I love the diversity and complexity within different types of moss and lichen.

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Sal & Amanda Make a Song: Episode 1

Follow your nose.

I find that when I let things unfold organically I like the results better and it takes less time for everything to come together. That was the case with this piece. We started with a rhythmic passage from the ukulele, from which I extracted a phrase that caught my ear. The percussive elements provided the feel, the notes resonating from the ukulele dictated the melodic and harmonic content of the piece. Each step felt like a natural progression from the last.

Often I’ll have an idea for what I want to achieve out of a session. A lot of times I'll end up missing the mark and be disappointed with what I’ve created. Forcing an idea rarely results in anything worthwhile. Intentionality is important, but aimless wandering is always refreshing.