"Salvatore Córdova’s truly masterful instrumentation mixes traditional guitar riffs, keys and percussion with deep electronic beats and danceable rhythms. If you like Bonobo, Four Tet, The Cinematic Orchestra, the delicate sounds of Telefon Tel Aviv or the energy and melody of Tycho or Bibio then you’re in for a treat." -Cut Records

"Sal beautifully blends acoustic guitar and other organic instrumentation with sweeping beats and electronics." - The Deli Magazine

01 Salvatore Córdova - Soapstone
02 Salvatore Córdova - Birdseed
03 Salvatore Córdova - Rhyolite
04 Salvatore Córdova - Hologram
05 Salvatore Córdova - Wolf Lichen
06 Salvatore Córdova - Rainstick

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Interview with Salvatore Córdova

“Birdseed” Music Video